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iqs CAQ enables companies to cover almost all their quality issues, and the modules can also be used individually. Users have numerous interfaces to ERP and production-related software. All modules are multilingual and meet requirements such as B. ISO 9001, FDA and VDA 6. En savoir plus sur iqs CAQ
Integrin Enterprise Suite is a cloud computing platform that helps businesses leverage analytical tools to transform data within the system into insights. Users can access reports and insights to streamline decision-making processes. En savoir plus sur Integrin Enterprise Suite
Quality Management Systems/QHSE (qualité, hygiène, sécurité, environnement) (IMS [Integrity Management System]) Software Platform est un logiciel cloud conçu pour aider les entreprises à rationaliser les processus de contrôle de la qualité et de SME (système de management environnemental) sur un emplacement unifié. La gestion des documents, la... En savoir plus sur Quality Management Systems / QHSE (IMS) Software Platform
Cosmetic Factory est un PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) SaaS, tout-en-un et modulaire pour les marques et fabricants de l'industrie cosmétique qui assure la prise en compte de toutes les dimensions fonctionnelles nécessaires à la création, la gestion et la mise sur le marché international des produits cosmétiques. En savoir plus sur COSMETIC Factory
TITAN CMMS is designed to help the organisations achieve Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) goals as well as Overall Equipment Efficiency (OEE). Our software helps the maintenance manager to manage the maintenance team and to plan, schedule, track, and measure preventative maintenance tasks. En savoir plus sur Titan CMMS
iDoc is a cloud-based document management software that helps businesses control and manage documents across multiple stages of the lifecycle. Users can create and access any document and collaborate with the version control system to track activities across shared copies. En savoir plus sur iDoc
Supply chain management platform that helps organisations perform product inspections, manage documentation and collaborate with partners from anywhere in the world. En savoir plus sur OK Platform
Alex puts people at the heart of the factory and gives them a collaborative and mobile tool that allows them to manage know-how and optimize the versatility of operational teams. Skills, training, and operational planning in the hands of the shop floor people. En savoir plus sur Alex
Life Sciences QMS Software est un système de gestion de la qualité conçu pour les organismes de sciences de la vie. Ce logiciel QMS (Quality Management System) aide les entreprises dans la gestion des audits, des changements et des documents. Parmi ses fonctionnalités figurent : formation, gestion des documents électronique, gestion des plaintes... En savoir plus sur QMS Express
QMSrs assists leadership with building an excellence culture, by equipping teams to transform from inefficient systems into lean integrated systems. En savoir plus sur QMSrs
Ancodea helps businesses manage all quality procedures in a unified platform. Users can centralize tools including assessments and action plans, reports, and documents. En savoir plus sur Ancodea

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